Lucchese Mens Black Boots
Lucchese Mens Black Boots


When we say Lucchese boots there is always this hint of a classic, old fashioned and typical model of cowboy boots that we are all too familiar with. That’s probably because the company has been around since the early 1800’s and they have established a name in the industry. The classic designs are probably the most expensive and very special, so to speak.

Lucchese men’s boots carries with it a history of superior craftsmanship, comfort and fit that has gained international recognition in the early 1900’s. It was unprecedented phenomenon that time. Thanks to the effort of the founder’s grandson Sam Lucchese Jr. who took time to rethink the art of boot making. All their boots undergo serious quality by also hand inspecting each boot twice in a day. Their goal was to produce quality products and not to focus on mass production.

Classically Lucchese Boots

Instead of being out of trend, their footwear only get better with time. Classic collections are timeless pieces that are apparently apt to the style and trend today.

Probably one of the reasons why the brand is still making waves right now is that they maintain the utmost quality and comfort for all their caiman boots with whatever material the use.


Using exotic leather like the men’s caiman boots is the current trend for exotic cowboy boot lovers. Take for example the luchesse boots Men’s classics E2147 classic collection with its specifications:

Apparently there is only ONE stock available with 11.5 D (M) size.

Exotic and Classic

This particular Lucchese caiman boots  is probably of those very special pieces from their collection. Like a Mona Lisa painting it is one of a kind and quite pricey. Premium exotic leathers does not come in cheap specially when it is being handled or made into fine quality exotic boots by a premier boot maker like Lucchese. Exotic leather and classic design would spell elegant and it is available for men who know that they deserve only the finest things in life.


Guessing from the valid comments above, this boots is quite a storm! Imagine being envied by friends while wearing it! One could never go wrong in wearing a black classic design Lucchese. It can be paired with almost any form of clothing either for work or play. Surely any man will stand out, with pride.