The legacy of creating cowboy boots that is superior in the level of comfort it provides, that is the Lucchese way of life. The 1900’s has witnessed the creation of quality handcrafted boots with unparalleled comfort that nobody thought was possible in a cowboy boots. Sam Lucchese Jr. created a stir in the industry cowboy boots when he made it possible to achieve such superior standard.

Handmade with only the finest leather, all Lucchese boots has to be hand inspected twice for quality control, showing even more how they regard the quality of their final output seriously.

Perfect For Riding

Featured here is the Lucchese Horn back Caiman Tail style T3187, a tribute to the horsemen. It depicts the culture and adventure of the American Western Lifestyle. The boots has the following great features:

This Lucchese caiman boots  is nothing short of the extraordinary. As a tribute to the horsemen, this is very special. It is made to function well when rising a horse plus the aesthetic beauty of it would really attract a lot of boot lovers, cowboy or not.

One look at this brown caiman boots would spell exotic and that means it is not cheap. Detailed stitching on the shaft shows the intricate attention to the craftsmanship of this boots. Caiman horn back leather is pretty distinct on the vamp with the textured scales. This is one a kind cowboy boots that truly reflects masculinity and adventure.