Justin Boots Men's
Justin Boots Men’s

Most of the exotic boots makers would claim comfort and durability with their products. Of course, with the time honored

tradition of making handcrafted boots since the 1800’s, plus the premium materials used, most of western boots would be strong enough to withstand the lifestyle of a true cowboy.

Getting to Know Justin Boots

There are recent systems however that boot makers have incorporated in their designs to make them the ultimate brand in comfort. Take for example the Justin boots that has a patented J-Flex Flexible Comfort System. It features a leather covered insole with cushion that returns energy to the foot. Its triple density insole board with a combined strength and flexibility makes Justin boots the most comfortable boots ever. One of these men’s Justin boots is the Men’s 11” Riding Boot from the Aqha Collection.  Here are the specifications:

More about the Collection

This justin caiman boots is one of the models from the AQHA collection. Market research done by Justin Company has discovered that professional cattle herders are actually called western lifestyle consumers instead of “cowboys”. These people love expensive boots which makes them a good market. Most of these herders actually belonged to the American Quarter House Association , hence the term AQHA justin boots.  

Justin company have gone to great lengths to capture this market and made consultations to the AQHA members on their preferences. Most of them want a good grip on their stirrup specially when they are already up there. Product developers made it possible by doing a lot of research and incorporated to the design of the boots.

Who will Wear this?

For sure any men who loves the western life or for those who are actual herders, this boots can be of great benefit. It’s designed to withstand the activities of the herders. Adding a little excitement would be to opt for caiman leather making this footwear one of your precious footwear collections.

This types of exotic boots does not come in cheap.  thus this might not appeal to those who does not have a passion for exotic western style boots. But for those who loves this style, values comfort, durability and quality with a touch of something exotic, then this is a good investment.