The Ariat Boots are made with the athletes in mind, specifically the equestrians. This company invests in technology with the ultimate goal of producing the best quality footwear (and apparels) for the riding athlete. It’s pretty interesting though how they combined exotic and athletic on their ariat caiman boots.

Caiman Belly Boots

Featuring here the Ariat Latigo Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot with the following details:

Everything about this ariat caiman belly boots is truly distinctive of a true equestrian boots with a very exotic look. The Latigo or “whiplash” is typical of a real man who takes control of the situation. An exclusive limited edition boots that is made to conquer the arena, this ariat cowboy boots for men is handcrafted in the highest quality without sacrificing comfort and looks.

The Market Value of Exotic Leather Boots

Genuine leather does not come in cheap. Exotic genuine leather is way pricier. So, you might wonder why people still desire for one. The market for leather in the fashion industry has never wavered. In fact, leather is one of the most sought after material for bags, accessories and of course boots. The boots are very durable, stylish and unique. What is great about caiman leather is that it is still a cheaper alternative compared to the crocs and alligator skins. Surprisingly, the demand for caiman leather shoes or boots for that matter is slowly rising. It looks and feels like the croc and gator leather boots but with a much lesser price. Who would not want to own one right? Especially if you come from the West or you just simply love the cowboy style/fashion.

Who will wear this Ariat Latigo Cowboy Boots?

This particular model would be great for the equestrians. Every detail of this boot was designed to provide the perfect riding experience of the wearer, with the ATS (Advanced Torque Stability) Technology to provide stability on the stirrup and on the ground.

Actually, equestrian or not, any man who has the right attitude for wearing something exotic and traditional as a caiman cowboy boot would be perfect for this footwear. For work or for play, this cowboy boots can very well be worn anytime of the day (or night!). The color of this particular model on the shade of brown/pecan brown is quite versatile with any rugged or even formal outfit. Paired with the right cowboy stance, the boots can very well conquer life’s arena.