The use of basic old world boot making technique is the norm behind a company that has started only in 1996. Cinch Company was originally making innovative rodeo shirts and jeans until they have come up with their collection of standout premium quality leather boots. Using the old techniques of boot making such as hand lasting, channel stitching, use of lemonwood pegs and top grain leather as the only material used; Cinch Company is making a stir in the world of leather cowboy boots aficionados.

Cinch Men's Classic Boots
Cinch Men’s Classic Boots

Of Cinch and Caiman Leather

For a company that is relatively a newbie in the business of cowboy boot making, Cinch has already made a distinct mark in the industry. The use of technology for mass production would have been convenient especially at this times but the company stood and lived up to the quality that the customers have expected from them. Using only the skill of a human hand in the whole process makes every pair of Cinch boots extra special.

The use of exotic leather for cowboy boots has been around for a long time. There might be some status symbol for these types of exotic leathers that would somehow puts the wearer on a certain level of “high” in the society. Of course exotic cowboy boots does not come in cheap and only a man who knows the finest things in life will appreciate this type of passion.

Cinch Caiman Boots can very well claim its share of recognition as one of the top quality exotic leather boots in the market. The featured caiman belly boots here is the Classic Caiman Wingtip Cowboy Boot and it has the following details:

The boots is actually a little shorter in length than the usual cowboy boots used in riding. This particular type of Caiman Boots can best be worn casually at work or at play. The distinctive wingtip overlay design of the caiman belly leather over the vamp is a classic and beautiful style distinct only to Cinch. The stitching or embroidery that surrounds the shaft is also very elaborated, unique and quite different as compared to other brands. One look at this boots and you would know that the construction and design was very well thought of and has passed only from the skillful hands of the Cinch boot makers.