Tony Lama Men's Vintage Hornback Boots
Tony Lama Men’s Vintage Hornback Boots


Tony lama can be regarded as a well respected artist in the industry of boot making. Starting at a very young age of 11, he already showed his passion for creating beautiful boots while he was still an apprentice. Who would know that this very young lad would carve a history for premium quality leather cowboy boots? Today, his brand name is regarded as the world’s most legendary western boot brand. Each Tony Lama boot speaks of superior authentic craftsmanship indicative of comfort, quality and style that this brand can claim.

One look at any Tony Lama cowboy boots and a cowboy boot user will truly fall in love with the craft. It has a certain aura and feel of a meticulous work or precious art form that can be worn. Aside from maintaining its historical form, quality and comfort, the brand is also swaying with customer preferences by using materials that are on trend.

Going Exotic

Going exotic and vintage? Sounds exciting right? It could probably sound risky because vintage designs will always look good with their original leather material. But Tony Lama dared to use exotic materials like caiman leather which has gained a lot of attention nowadays. Of course exotic leather has been around ever since and there is a great demand for them.

Who would not wear a Tony Lama caiman boots? 

Featured here is the Men’s Vintage Hornback Cowboy Boots with the following specifications that you will surely find interesting.

A hornback caiman boots is made from the textured part of a caiman reptile skin. Compared with the belly part, this one has a rougher feel and look to it as seen on the scales on the vamp.

 More about Caiman Boots

From what we know, caiman leather is more affordable than its crocodile and alligator cousins. It might be because of the quality of their skins which displays more dermal ossifications that make them “substandard” as compared to crocs and gators. However, it has a major market share in the cowboy boots industry.

Tony Lama hornback caiman boots are handsome pieces of wearable art! Owing to the meticulous craftsmanship that comes with the brand, who would not want to own one? It’s a Tony Lama by the way; you would not get wrong with it.