Lucchese Women's Handcrafted 1883 Boots
Lucchese Women’s Handcrafted 1883 Boots

Every woman would probably dream of having a fashion forward sense in her clothing, accessories and specially her shoes. And she would not go wrong wearing something with an Italian touch, right? But how would it be possible for her to display her love for a rowdy, exotic and rough self with something that is still classy and elegant?

Well, Lucchese boots has something in store for that mix of adventure and class. This company has been making fine quality leather since the 1800’s. Their boots carries with it some bits of history in every step it takes. A Lucchese boots is made with an Italian flair which has stood the test of time.

“Fashionably Exotic”

One particular Lucchese womens boots that displays an exotic yet fashionable sense is this 1883 Lexie Hornback Caiman Tail Boot. Check out the following specifications:

This boots would be a perfect choice for women who wants to wear a classic cowboy boots to display a western fashion style, and yet subtle enough to display her class and femininity. The whiskey colored shaft is kind of exciting and playful but the black and café colors are also one of the favorite choices.

Getting to Know a Caiman Leather

Caiman leather is gaining popularity nowadays in the field of exotic leather boots. It comes from the expensive family of crocodile and alligator leathers but it looks as exotic and beautiful as the latter. The exotic boots featured here is a hornback caiman boots that is particularly distinct with its rougher texture and bigger scales as compared to the belly part. While others would want a smoother finish, a hornback boots would be preferred by those who wants to display a more rougher edge.

A Lucchese caiman boots like the one featured above is already a steal. Considered as one of the best boot making company in the industry, this handcrafted caiman boots will surely last a lifetime of comfort, durability and style. A fashionable woman can very well pull off any outfit with this trendy caiman leather boots. With a simple dress, a tight fitting jeans and a shirt she can romp or ride her way to work and play.