You will know a great pair of boots when you wear one. And most likely, it must have been something that was originally designed when the company was established because whether we like it or not, classic designs are truly one of a kind. These pieces represent the company and more often than not, the classics lasts a lifetime.

The aim of making good quality comfortable boots that will last a lifetime is the legacy of Lucchese Company. Over the years, they have been consistent in providing good quality boots using only premium leathers.

Getting Exotic

The company also used exotic materials for their boots like this horn back caiman boots from the 1883 collection style M2687 with product specifications as follows:

This black caiman boots from Luchesse feels and looks elegant. The striation on the vamp that is distinctive of a hornback tail is very eye catching. The calf leather for the shaft in gray shade complements the black textured caiman skin.

Get To Know Caiman Leather

Caiman reptile is a cousin of the crocodile and alligators. These are the more affordable kind but it has more or less the same texture and look. Caiman leather could be from the belly part or the back part. The belly part is a lot smoother as compared to the sharp, scaly hornback tail part. Both of these parts have their own beautiful characteristics.

Classically Lucchese

All Lucchese caiman boots and all of their boots for that matter, carries with them the art, culture and passion of the experienced craftsmen who are responsible for the quality handcrafted Lucchese boots that we are enjoying right now. The classic 1883 designs still evoke the senses which make you want to wear a Western cowboy boots. Aside from being durable and comfortable, the designs are somewhat flexible to be worn with anything you fancy.

This caiman tail boots in black and gray color combination can essentially be worn with simple pants and shirt. But if you want to go over the top, any suit will also be a great fashion combination with this boots. The appreciation for something exotic will potentially open a good conversation piece on a gathering. Plus the aesthetic value will certainly be a plus factor. Wearing one of this classic Lucchese collections will make any man feel like he is a millionaire. I mean, who does not want to feel that way right? Much less look like one too!

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