There is really no stopping the craze for whatever is bizarre or out of this world.  Fashion companies have been
literally trying on all the possible exotic animal skin that they could put their hands on in order to meet the demand of the market. The cowboy boots industry is no exception to the bandwagon for something out of this world. In fact, wearing leather has been a century old tradition. However, we are all use to the usual leather from cowhides. Recent trends have been venturing into the use of the rough reptile skin of the crocodile, alligator and even caimans. The taste for the simple smooth leather is slowly being replaced by the feel of textured and obviously rough skin of the reptiles.

Now if you go for something exotic for a western cowboy boots wouldn’t be great if you go for the
original hide? It would be pricey but nothing beats the original stuff right? The Ferrini Men’s Genuine Caiman Croc Western Boot could be the one you are looking for. You could never go wrong when it comes to a ferrini caiman boots in terms of originality, style, comfort and durability.

All of the ferrini western boots are carefully handcrafted with utmost attention to detail. They have lived up to the tradition of making superior quality products that have stood the test of time. A plus factor in the unique style and fashion forwardness of their products is the Italian background of the founder. This is a Texas based boot company that has a deep knowledge in Italian fashion footwear. From caiman leather boots, ferrini caiman print boots to ferrini crocodile boots, name it and they have all the exotic flavors that you desire in your footwear.

Features of a Ferrini Western Boot

The featured western boot here is unmistakingly desirable. Why? Below are the reasons:


The black color actually makes it flexible for use whether you are work, play or party. Or you could give this as a great gift for someone special like your dad, brother or a dear friend who would probably wear this on his wedding day!