Lucchese Men's Handcrafted 1883
Lucchese Men’s Handcrafted 1883


The year 1883 has witnessed the founding of a boot making company that will become a phenomenon for the coming centuries. Lucchese Company has become consistent with their legacy to create quality handcrafted cowboy boots that provides optimum comfort specific to a Lucchese boots. Focusing on the quality rather than the quantity, they make sure that each piece of footwear will pass quality control by their skilled craftsmen. They make sure that they use premium quality leather for all their boots.

Comfort is their primary focus, hence it has been said that when you slip your feet into a Lucchese boots

you will know why it has been regarded as the most comfortable boots.

Going exotic

The year 1883 marks the year Lucchese was established, hence all the 1883 collection are built with the original leather components, transforming it into a traditional cowboy boots into a work of art that is quite fashionable in current times.

Caiman tail boots are getting a lot of attention lately and Lucchese would not be left in the corner with the exotic collection that they have.  Take for example this 1883 Men’s Sienna (stonewashed) Hornback Caiman Tail with brick red goat shaft.  Check out some of its product details:

The hornback caiman boots are made from the back part of the caiman reptile which includes the tail. It shows a lovely textured finish with more prominent caiman scales. Now the brick red shaft adds a lot of zest to the overall aesthetics making it more appealing. The contrast of the rough scaly shade of the caiman hornback skin against the brick red shaft actually attracts attention.

A Great Addition to the Collection

If the Lucchese brand is already your choice of cowboy boots then you must have a high regard for comfort and quality. After all, the company has already established its name in the industry and makes no sign of going downhill.

lucchese 1883 boots does not come in cheap. Like all the genuine caiman boots, it is made of the finest caiman leather by the most skilled craftsmen. For a little less than a thousand dollars, this particular type of exotic boots is actually a good buy. Why? Because it is exotic, handsome and it is a Lucchese.  Nobody would ever go wrong in buying this brand. Any cowboy boots enthusiast would know that. Although it all boils down to preference in style, comfort and price range.