Lucchese Men’s Boots

For the Lucchese Company, there is no other way to make their brand of boots than by human hands. Century old machineries are being guided by skillful hands in order to make the perfect lucchese boots. They can be considered as a very important name in the boot making industry since the 1800’s up to now. The brand holds a number of styles and designs and over the years they have made quite a collection of these boots. One exceptional collection is the 1883 Logan collection now with the Caiman leather material.

Getting familiar with Lucchese Caiman Belly Boots

Caiman leather is getting a lot of attention lately. The reptile caiman comes from their equally exotic families which are the crocs and the alligators. The latter two has been around in the boot making industry as the prime material for exotic boots. The caiman hide however has been considered as an alternative when it comes to exotic leather. One Lucchese leather boot of prime caiman quality is the Men’s handcrafted 1883 Logan Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot with a Crepe sole. It has the following features which is relatively the same as the other boots from the same collection:

This caiman belly boots is unique with its crepe sole material as compared to the other models from the same category. Crepe rubber came from the latex that is harvested directly from the rubber tree. The soles of the boots of the British Army have popularized the use of such soles.

Can anybody wear it?

Anybody who has a taste for something exotic and a taste of history and tradition would be happy and proud to own one of these boots. It can be worn for horseback riding, working at the ranch or even partying on special occasions formal or playful. The boots will be an instant talking topic and people will notice it for sure. It is up to the owner now to have the right attitude when wearing an exotic and valuable boots such as this one.