The Lucchese brand will take us back into the 1800’s when the Lucchese family came to America with the vision to have a career in the boot making industry. A few years later, the Lucchese Boot Company was born in Texas but only in 1960’s when the company’s vision grew to the next level that have entirely changed the boot making company.

Lucchese Men's Boots
Lucchese Men’s Boots

It was Sam Lucchese Jr. who made a commitment to continue this rare form of art using the finest form of leathers, lemon wood pegs and careful finishing of each boot. The Lucchese Boots (49LUCCHESE BOOTS- ONCE AN INSPIRATION, A TRADITION AND NOW A LEGACY) uses one of a kind shoe last with a design that is only found in a Lucchese pair of boots. Being the provider of the finest quality boots in the world requires a lot of time, experience and skill from the craftsmen who have been with them ever since.

Get to Know another 1883 Lucchese

Another member of the classic collection from Lucchese is now being featured specially that it is made from exotic leather. This 1883 Rhys Hornback Caiman Cowboy Boots with a Square Toe is one of the caiman skin boots from this prestigious collection. Here are the specifications:

One of the good looking hornback caiman boots from Lucchese, the Rhys 1883 collection is available in the colors of barrel barn, black and tan. All are earthly gorgeous colors typical of any classic western cowboy boots collection.

What is so Special About a Lucchese Caiman Boots?

Well, they have claimed to be the manufacturer of the best handcrafted boots in the world because of the time, skill and money spent in making only the finest and the most comfortable boots for the clients. Each pair is hand inspected twice before leaving the factory, making their boots the best of the best that when you slip into their shoes, you will know exactly that you are wearing a Lucchese.

Adding to the quality of the brand is the use of the finest exotic leather. The Lucchese caiman boots could be the best pair of exotic cowboy boots especially for those who love exotic materials. This does not come in cheap of course because of the quality and the material used.