The Nocona caiman boots was manufactured by the “daughter” of Justin Boots. It was the daughter of HJ Justin, founder of Justin Boots who continued this legacy from his father. From the early 1800’s H.J Justin came to Texas from Indiana and began starting a new life there. He became a repair man wherein over the years he made a good steady income by making boots for the cowboys who came for cattle drives. He moved his family to Nocona, during the latest 1800’s for his business to be near to a railroad. Thanks to his daughter, Enid Justin, the tradition of boot making was continued in the place of Nocona while the rest of the family moved to Forth Worth. Then Nocona became a household name for hand crafted boots of the premium quality made by a woman!

Nocona Men's Cognac Boots
Nocona Men’s Cognac Boots

Distinctly Exotic

Exotic cowboy boots is getting a lot of attention nowadays. People seemed to have developed the eye for something rare and out of the ordinary like wearing exotic footwear. An example would be this Men’s Cognac Caiman Boots which is one of the lines of men’s caiman boots from Nocona. It has the following features:

This brown caiman boots is another option in the line of boots made of this exotic reptile skin. What makes this special is that it is made by a boot making company that makes quality, comfort and hand craftsmanship a topmost priority. Using caiman leather is a wise option for making premium quality leather boots since it is not as costly as the croc and alligator skin although the price is still between $500-$600 USD which truly an expensive piece of investment that can very well be enjoyed for a lifetime.

More about This noncona caiman Boots

Well, it is caiman leather and one look at this pair of noncona caiman boots will surely scream exotic, no doubt about it. Caiman scales are pretty distinct on the foot with the cognac color. The Damiana flower stitching is intricate and beautiful on the shaft. This flower shrub is native to Texas and was known to be used as a “sexual enhancer” to the native of Mexico. Pretty interesting to be decorated on a cowboy boots huh? The heel height at 1 1/8” actually shows that this boots is pretty much made for walking. Broad square toe makes it more comfortable especially with a cushioned insole.