What do you get when you have a tradition of boot making experience, use of fine quality leather, skillful workers and a passion for something out of the ordinary? Well, one could have a premium quality and top of the line product that is as priceless as a caiman cowboy boots.

A western boot making company called Lucchese has been around since the 1800’s and they have been living in a tradition of genuine handmade quality cowboy boots ever since. The priceless boots that have passed the hands of their skillful craftsmen are definitely a collector’s item. Not to be placed as an idle decoration but a very functional piece of footwear that can stand the elements that the hardworking men of yesterday and today endure.

Getting to Know Lucchese Caiman Tail Boots

The passion for exotic leathers from caiman skin is slowly taking the limelight. From the family of alligators and crocodiles, this reptile skin provides an alternative in terms of cost, design and feel. The caiman boots lucchese has a variety of collection wherein there are available options for the different designs. Legendary boots featured here is the 1883 Hornback Caiman Tail Cowboy boots which is a real classic western cowboy boots from the Landon collection. One look at this boots spells exotic, with the distinctive firm hornback on the vamp.  Check out the details:

The caiman tail boots like this has pretty clear cut scales and hard horn back scales that clearly show the distinctive scale pattern as compared to the caiman belly which is smoother in texture. The classic brown color in the shades of tan and barrel makes the entire look very raunchy yet classy. The boots has a very clean finish as a whole.

What Makes Caiman Boots Special

The Men’s Caiman Boots in all its exotic grandness can easily become a favorite in the line of exotic leather footwear.  Yes, it could be a little affordable compared to the other reptile skins but it has a special beauty of its own that is becoming a growing preference to the community of exotic western boot lovers. Other boot making companies are making their own mark in their designs using this caiman leather. This current trend pushes the companies to make their caiman boots better than the other which makes it even more advantageous to the purchasing public.