What better way to express a daring personality than to wear something that is out of your comfort zone. This time it’s quite exciting to express that valiant self by wearing an exotic black caiman
boots. Caiman leather comes from the family of crocodile and alligator. These reptiles have beautiful scaly skin that is usually used for leather material for bags, belts and shoes. The gator boots are quite special in their quality and aesthetic value. Crocodile and alligator hides are way more expensive than caiman hides, that is why the later is a better alternative for economic purposes.

Wild West Boots

This is a family owned store that sells good quality western cowboy boots made by skillful artisans from Mexico. They sell this Black caiman belly boots which has the following features:

Check out what this happy customer has to say about this black caiman western boots 

The choice of any particular type of boots depends of course on the preference of the user. This black caiman belly boots from Wild West Boots will surely be up to most of the likings for exotic cowboy boots lovers.  Apparently it has a classic feel and look to it that makes it irresistible, and since it is made of   affordable caiman leather, your budget will surely go a long way.

As you go along searching for exotic cowboy boots, you might notice that there are other materials used which are also exotic and has more or less the same design. All of these exotic leather cowboy boots are great, but if you would rather go for reptile hides, this is a perfect alternative.

How to Wear This Boots

Essentially like all the other boots, just pull it up using the easy pull on straps on each side. This is a little shorter than most cowboy boots which are mostly made for riding, while this one is best for just roaming around, practically comfortable, discreet and non pretentious so to speak.

It may be worn with a simple jeans or dress pants on a casual day. And since this is black in color, a little push on the side of formality with a suit will give you that formal attire look with a little hint of adventure on your feet. How’s that for an exciting experience?