Various boot making companies have their own techniques and procedures to set their own identity in the business.
Most of these companies though are making handcrafted boots which are patterned from the early practices in boot making.

Getting Familiar with Cinch

Featured here is the Cinch Company which originally makes rodeo shirts and jeans until a few years ago when they introduced a collection of handmade boots. What is unique about the Cinch boots is the use of basic old world boot making techniques to match their standard of quality, durability and comfort. They have a motto of building greatness one boot at a time by making traditional boots using the old fashioned way.  They use the following methods/techniques in making their quality handcrafted cowboy boots:





Caiman Boots from Cinch

Having known the principles of this company, we can tell that the Cinch Caiman Boots are of premium quality. Going back to the basics of leather boot making using exotic caiman leather is a fresh and exciting opportunity to create an original top of the line horn back caiman boots like the one we feature here.

The Men’s Hornback Caiman Burnished Buckskin Boots has the following features:

The color combination of the vamp and the shaft is quite striking and appealing especially to those who prefer a lighter tone. Paired with long jeans and simple shirt, this exotic boots can best be worn casually for work or play.

Caiman alligator boots are typically made of the skin from the caiman reptile which comes from the family of crocodile and alligators. Although caiman hides are far more affordable than crocs and gators, the leather quality is top of the line exotic. The major impact on quality would be on the shoe construction which is one of the best assets of Cinch Company.