This lucchese boots is nothing like your ordinary boots. First impression spells out a tough yet gorgeous feeling to it. The Lucchese brand itself is an authority in the industry of boot making since the 1880’s.  The brand has been relying on human hands to complete the boot making tasks that is time honored.

Describing a Lucchese Exotic Boots

The Lucchese 1883 collection is truly a masterpiece that can truly be described as a treasured inheritance. One of the boots from this collection is the Handcrafted 1883 Logan Caiman Belly Boots. The boots displays the following details:

This may sound like all the other exotic boots that we see in the market. However, given the finest quality of its brand, this is far from your ordinary exotic western boots.

Why go for Caiman Leather

Let’s face it; caiman leather is not as premium and valuable as its crocodile and alligator counterpart. Although this reptile came from the same family of alligators, their hides are rather tough. However, it might be safe to assume that this exotic piece of leather was only underrated. It looks and feels the same as the crocodile hides and it cost so much cheaper! If you want to get the same contented feeling of wearing a piece of exotic boots for an affordable price then the lucchese caiman belly boots might be the boots for you.

As compared to other caiman boots from another brand, this piece is still quite pricey. The company has invested so much on the quality and craftsmanship hence it does not come cheap.

Who can wear it?

Aside from the people who have a flair for something out of the ordinary and can very well afford the luxury of owning a lucchese, anybody can very well wear it. Especially for those who finds happiness in wearing something unique and exciting this boots could be able to fulfill that bliss.

This would come as a perfect gift too if ever you know someone who loves the cowboy lifestyle. This boots is quite adaptable and can be worn for work or for party. What better way to show your love and appreciation to someone than by giving them a gift that they probably have desired.