Ferrini boots are known for their Mexican handcrafted mastery with expertise on the Italian design. Based in Texas where cowboys came from, Ferrini has a factory of boots which produces top quality boots in the world. They follow certain standards when making their boots combining technology and hand mastery of the skilled boot workers. Ferrini boots are versatile, bold, comfortable and strong enough to last a lifetime.

Slip on this handsome piece of western cowboy boots from Ferrini, handcrafted with a caiman printed tail vamp in bold black color and red shaft with intricate stitching.

Get to Know this Caiman Print Ferrini

The Ferrini caiman print boots stands out because of the details stated below:

What is Caiman Print?

It is good to know the options that we have when we buy our leather boots. Exotic leathers are available for most types of leather products like bags, wallets, belts and of course boots. Some of this will use the smooth part of the leather while others products will use the part of the leather which has “cosmetic” imperfection on it like blemishes or scarring. That is where printing comes in thus making it more economical. There is this notion that buying printed leather is like buying a fake one.

However, it is not the case especially when you buy from trusted companies like Ferrini because they only use exclusive leather products for all their boots. The printed leather comes from the skin of the caiman reptile which was only grained and polished to make it look better. Some buyers would even prefer buying printed leather because of its aesthetic value and stronger grip as compared to the smooth more expensive smooth leather. As always it is all a matter of personal preference.

Ferrini and Exotic Leather Boots

There is a lot of option offered in Ferrini Boots especially when it comes to exotic caiman tail boots. The company is keeping up with the current trend while staying true to their tradition of quality leather boots handmade with excellence.

Farm to fashion, ranch to recreation their exotic boots can very well be worn without difficulty. That’s how versatile their designs are plus the comfort that they provide for each pair of boots.

So time to gear up and take a dip on that exotic flavor on this caiman print Ferrini boots!