Not all cowboy boots are created equal nor feel the same when worn. Depending on the preference of the wearer, each pair of boots has its own element that would fit for a certain type of personality. Like for example this Men’s Sweetwater Western Boot by Dan Post which looks hard and rugged but surprisingly comfortable when worn. It is made of everything exotic like caiman and calf leather.

Getting Familiar with Caiman Leather

Caiman is a reptile coming from the family of alligator and crocodile. Although the later two have a much higher market value with their hides, the caiman leather has a genuine exotic appearance but with a significantly lesser market value. Although the caiman leather is less durable than their croc counterparts, they skin is pliable, strong and has a telltale thick scales. Why would you opt for a caiman boots? Well, if you are someone who would want to enjoy exotic cowboy boots but do not have the budget to splurge, then the caiman gator boots would be right for you.

Trusted Brand in Caiman Boots

A legend in making exotic boots, one cannot go wrong when buying dan post caiman alligator boots. Sometimes the market would really connect the name alligator to caiman leather which really makes it quite confusing. Although as mentioned, caiman really comes from the alligator and crocodile family, the market deserves to know the distinction.

Calling this awesome boots a dan post caiman boots would be proper and clear. After all, this Sweetwater Western Boots is made of Dan Post, a company known for their reputation of making the finest cowboy boots, with a combination of comfort and tradition.

Check Out the Designs and Features

This particular boots from dan post really strikes a hard, stunning look which might make it look uncomfortable. The looks of a “ruggedly handsome” cowboy would definitely fit the aura of this boots. It’s interesting to know its features below:


The time has come that going exotic premium leather cannot be as expensive as before. Now is the best time to enjoy it.