Ferrini Women's Print Caiman Boots
Ferrini Women’s Print Caiman Boots

Cowboy and Cowgirl Western fashion has long been introduced ever since the start of the equestrian life. Partnered with horses and cowboy hats, the main frame for this fashion was the boots. Looking back, the excitement on lies on how the bearer would display and walk with the fashion. Cowboys are known for their rock star quality that was soon partnered with the rise of cowgirls. Alongside each other, they gave birth to what western fashion we can see today. Amidst the fashion statement these western styles can bring, some still regard cowboy fashion to be undefined against cowgirl style.

Are you a lover of the western fashion? Are you the type of person who does not fear to try the mix-matching of different fashion statement to create a new statement? Does the urge to try a new look come by your mind easily? Are you confident enough to level what men fashion look can do? If you are a woman who answered yes to all these questions – Ferrini has created the perfect match for you.

Introducing the Ferrini Women’s Print Caiman Boots for women fashion. This piece of fashion footwear is made from the finest leather with square toe and comfortable block heel, designed with a cowhide on the upper and a shaft that is 12.5” from the arch. With a guarantee that it came from 100% leather, this 12’’ high women’s boot is a beauty especially that the straps that are made easy to pull and the sole is also leather with a double stitched welt.

Every single Ferrini women’s boots is handcrafted with excellent technique making sure the attention to details is superb. ferrini designed it in a way it features the black horn back caiman print leather that has all the distinguishing prints of a real caiman. The fact that this Ferrini boots were crafted with a distinct cross design in blue color to match the intricate stitching of the shaft and a color black that makes it suppler to be worn on any outfit and any style of any color.

Any woman who can pull on the right ensemble with a good pair of western boots is fascinating. A Ferrini caiman boots like this one which is already a statement piece warrant the exotic material as the center of the whole fashion style. Whenever you feel like wearing a dress, why not try on a simple above the knee dress in one color and match it with these Ferrini boots to achieve a surprisingly exotic look that can fumble any woman to desire the same fashion piece as you. Or whenever you feel like wearing jeans, put on some tight fitting ones and slip the Ferrini boots with it and ensure a fashion statement that would make everyone turn your way.

The good thing about owning pieces like ferrini cowgirl boots is the fact that you do not need to put on the whole cowboy look – leather jacket, leather hat with jeans, in order to attain a western fashion look. If you are someone who doesn’t live in the Wild West but is fond of the whole Western idea, then make these western style Caiman boots part of your fashion wardrobe to look like one.