Ferrini has done it again. This boot making company has never failed to make stylish, comfortable, durable and functional pieces of footwear that seems to excite the senses and makes you want to feel like a cowboy. This is a brand that carries with it an in depth knowledge of fashion owing to its Italian background and the manufacturing skill that is rooted in Mexico with the current base in Texas. Truly a blend of culture and art makes it one of the sought after brand of cowboy boots in the footwear industry. Ferrini cowboy boots are always on the limelight when it comes to designs and colors of their boots.

What do you think about a black cherry Ferrini caiman boots?   Sounds interesting? Read on.

Unique Exotic Color Combo

Check out the product specifications of this Black Cherry Boot in Genuine Caiman from Ferrini:

Notice the shiny reddish finish of the vamp with the matching red stitching on the shaft. It’s pretty unique and truly eye catching. Black caiman boots are almost always plain and discreet, but this one is far from being basic. It exudes a certain degree of excitement and fun to it which makes it thrilling to wear.

Who can wear this boots?

Men’s ferrini cowboy boots like the model described above can very well be worn by anybody, cowboys or not. This is good for riding or just walking around. The black color is pretty much flexible with any type of personality especially when one wants to go neutral. The exciting part perhaps would be the intricate red stitches/embroidery on the shaft that somehow matches the cherry black shade of the caiman leather on the vamp.

Anybody who has appreciation for exotic, that is something that is not ordinary, can very well own this black cherry caiman leather cowboy boots. We think that no man could resist wearing this comfortable, functional and handsome pair of boots from Ferrini. Either for work or play, riding or walking, this boots will definitely be good for your feet, not to mention your over all look.

Wear It With Style!

It is already very stylish on its own. That is why wearing it would style would probably mean going basic with jeans and simple shirt. Although it would not be of harm if this beautiful boots will be paired with a suit for that extra mile formal look. This caiman leather will potentially be the focal point of the overall fashion ensemble.