King Exotic Company was originally formed from the famous Los Altos Boots. By the name of the company itself, their specialty is exotic leather. Indeed a fashion forward exotic boot would be particularly exciting when it bears the brand name King Exotics.

It is a fact that there is some sort of a shortage when it comes to caiman leather supply, and so it is interesting to know how they maintain to be the supplier of all exotic boots. Actually, King Exotic Boots commits to some volume in certain sizes to be able to maintain their good prices. For example, all Jo Toe series are EE widths, while D widths in the same J Toes will take 1 to 2 months to make. So they maintain a certain volume for them to be able to survive in the price range and the quality that they are known for.

Exotic Craze

Exotic skin boots are really making a huge chunk in the revenue for “anything” leather from bags, accessories, belts and accessories. Sure enough, the appreciation for something that is not ordinary continues to tickle the interest of the people, fashionably or otherwise.

King Exotics has made a mark in making exclusive exotic products. One of its lovely boots from the Rodeo Collection is this Caiman Belly Skin Boots, Rodeo style. It has the following specifications:

Making it Fashionable in the Rodeo

Rodeo Boots as the name implies is usually worn in the action filled rodeos. Real cowboys usually fancy these kinds of boots because of their function. Nowadays though, rodeo boots are also fashionable apart from being functional. The caiman belly boots described above has interesting designs and colors. An adventurous cowboy would want to have one or all of the available colors of the boots for some fashionable and exciting time at the rodeo. With the available colors, one can easily mix and match them with what he wears.

Exotic leathers do not come in cheap. In this case, the supply for caiman leather is rather not that bountiful just like all the other exotic leathers. Exotic cowboy boots are a man’s dream. Cowboys actually love their boots because they are functional, comfortable and durable. This footwear is worn not merely because they look nice but because they are practically great to wear anytime and anywhere for the longest haul.

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