Dan Post is well known to be the ultimate in providing handcrafted cushion comfort for its entire boots. Using only  the finest exotic skins and high grade leather, they make good looking boots that are also functional to respond to the needs and preference of the customers.

Dan Post Men's Lagoon Western Boot
Dan Post Men’s Lagoon Western Boot

Featuring the Dan Post Lagoon Western Boot

Another one of those boots that is strikingly and undeniably exotic! When you have an eye for something out of the ordinary, this one will really make an impression. Take note of the following details that makes this boots special:

A caiman gator boots could probably not get any good looking as this. The combination of handcrafted skill plus the use of technology in inserting the ultimate Gel Flex insole is a great blend of creativity and functionality, all for the likings of the clients who patronize western cowboy boots, specially the featured exotic men’s caiman boots.

A Dan Post Caiman boots will easily catch the attention of a cowboy boots aficionado with its handsome looks and the guarantee of ultimate comfort needed when working in the ranch or partying recreations.


What is with the Gel Flex Insole?

Under each Dan Post boots are layers of comfort with different functions. First top layer is the full grain leather foot bed which reduces the moisture and cradles the foot. Second middle layer is the Poron Insole that has antimicrobial features and also absorbs shock. The third final layer has a flex ball joint that flexes when the natural part of the ball joint flex, making it comfortable.  This characteristic of a Dan Post boots makes it the ultimate in providing comfort in its entire boots, a feature that is pretty necessary especially for cowboys that work hard in the field.

The Beauty of Comfortable Exotic Boots

Wearing something exotic like a cowboy boots could give an aura of a raunchy, hard, unpredictable character like the animals in the wild. While it is true that only the people who understand the finest things in life will buy an expensive pair of boots, there are those who also desire to have an exciting transformation and tap on their wild side. The beauty of exotic boots comes with the versatility and wearability in any types of clothes and occasions. Best worn with classic and basic dress or jeans either for work in the field or for some serious partying, it would be exciting to put a little bit of the West in your wardrobe.