The Lucchese brand carries with it the legacy of a boot maker who has a fascination and understanding of the human foot. In 1960, Sam Lucchese Jr. created leather boots that would create a phenomenon for the ultimate design that fits like no other plus the comfort that nobody thought was possible. What started out as an inspiration has become a legacy and now a tradition of quality handcrafted boots.

All of Lucchese boots are skillfully handmade with only the finest grade leather by the expert craftsmen who have been around since the early years of the company. Their regard for quality is evident in the final output plus it is a standard that each pair of boots should pass or be hand inspected twice. It shows to say that they value the quality more than the quantity of the boots they produce.

Getting to know Lucchese Caiman Belly Boots

The legendary lucchese exotic boots featured here is the Lucchese Classics Boots that is made of the following:

Caiman Belly boots are appealing with the visible scales. They have a smoother look as compared to the other parts of the caiman skin but still they look tough and wild. Looking at this pair of boots would make you think of the amount of dedication that the boot makers have invested into it as evident on the quality of the finish.

Who can own one?

A fine genuine leather boots like the Lucchese is the preference of the people who have a passion for authentic and quality leather. Make it exotic leather and it becomes a distinct work of art that only a few could appreciate. It is not about the cost of the footwear but the pleasure of owning the finest things in life like a caiman belly leather western cowboy boots.

As to the question, who can own a Lucchese? Anybody who has the passion for something as precious yet rare as an exotic leather boots could very well be an owner of this boots. If you have the attitude (and the money!) needed then go ahead be a proud owner of a Lucchese western style exotic leather boots. Or you probably know someone who shares the same passion, and then this would come as a perfect gift to him.