The original design of a Lucchese Boots was probably the reason why it remains to be the most comfortable boots of all time. Although it demands more skill and capital, Lucchese insists on maintaining the original quality and comfort of its boots. Using only the finest of all leathers, everything in the Lucchese boots is leather except for the lemonwood pegs. They say that upon slipping your feet on a Lucchese, you would know why it is called the most comfortable boots

Beyond being comfortable, Lucchese boots are also up to date with their designs and use of materials. The use of exotic leathers is probably the trendy thing now and Lucchese is up to date with that.

Going Exotic

Lucchese caiman boots

are available in Lucchese. These are boots made of the caiman reptile skin which is rather more affordable than the skins of its crocodile and alligator cousins.  Usually the manufacturer uses the belly and the horn back tail. The belly has a smoother finish on the vamp with finer scales while the caiman tail boots displays a rougher texture.

Featuring here is a classic all black Ultra Belly Caiman Crocodile Tail Boots with a distinctive pattern on the shaft. The shaft is made of jersey calfskin with easy pull up straps. This Lucchese black caiman boots looks very classy, elegant and somewhat subdued for an exotic cowboy boots that is perfect to be worn on almost any outfit for work or for play.

The black color makes it very neutral and actually flexible in terms of matching with an outfit and occasion. A man can wear it with an overall cowboy ensemble or simply with jeans and shirt. A little bit of attitude and he can easily pull it off with a suit and probably with matching cowboy hat. Now that is something worth looking forward to, right?

Who can wear this Boots?

A Lucchese caiman tail boots or any Lucchese boots for that matter may be worn by a man who knows what he is worth. Only the skillful craftsmen can create this work using only the finest exotic caiman leather. If a man is up to that level then he deserves to own and wear one.

No need to become a cowboy in order to experience the Western way of lifestyle. Have a sense of adventure and fun while wearing one of these boots and you will surely have the best wild, wild, west experience.

Sometimes it also takes some patience if you need to custom order one but it is well worth the wait.