Dan Post Boots
Dan Post Boots

The Dan Post Everglades collection has once again brought another option to its loyal customers for an additional exotic flavor to the women’s outfit. This time, the Women’s Everglades 2 Western Boot features the following:

What’s up with Caiman Leather?

The Dan Post Caiman Boots use the skin of the caiman reptile as the material for its latest line of exotic western style boots. It has a lot of advantage to it one being affordable and readily available. The market must understand though that caiman leather has lesser market value compared to its crocodile and alligator counterparts. But hey, it looks and feels the same as the latter two and obviously that is great! Simple leather can turn into a premium boots of high quality and premium price when it is done by a premier boot making company like Dan Post.

The company is well known for its commitment to provide quality comfortable and stylish designs to its loyal customers. They claim to make boots that looks and fits great all day and night long. Thanks to its removable orthotic cushioned insoles, the company has remained true to this commitment of comfort.

Going Fashionable with Everglades Boots

Dan Post women’s boots are remarkably stylish. This particular model is quite charming with its copper colored vamp. Some reviews would say that the colors of this boots would vary from orange, yellow and dark browns. The colors are in fact very attractive and of course comfortable to wear.

An exotic piece of footwear with beautiful details like this Everglades can pretty much be worn by a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Meaning, she can very well put on some simple dress or tight fitting jeans and become an instant fashion interest. After all, exotic pieces like this cowgirl boots may not be appealing to every woman. It would take a certain sense of confidence and taste for the western rugged flair for any woman to wear such beautiful piece.

So if you think you are that woman or you know someone who would love to take a dip on the wild side, make this an opportunity to create that adventure.