Dan Post Company is the maker of quality handcrafted cowboy boots that makes “cushioned comfort” a part of its
legacy. With a variety of designs aligned in the Western culture, Dan Post gives the wearer a rugged handsome aura when donning a pair.  The particular model featured here is a Dan Post Caiman Boots with the following details:

Modern Technology for Ultimate Comfort

Although Dan Post makes their boots using old traditional styling with a slick, they have also incorporated some latest trend to make their boots more comfortable for the user. This Gel Flex insole provides the best comfort in wearing cowboy boots. It has three layers of insole, each provides some function to protect the feet, enhance movement and give over all comfort.

Functional and Interesting Details

The intricate embroidery on the calfskin shaft is very noticeable including the classic V slit on the center. Pull tabs makes it easier for the boots to slip on while the caiman leather (tanned) makes the overall exotic rugged look that is fit for the modern cowboy. This particular boots is shorter by two inches then the regular riding boots which is 13” from the arch. The square toe makes for more room in the toes which adds up to the whole comfortable idea of a cowboy boots.

This Dan Post Boots lives up to the idea of what a real caiman leather boots looks like. The distinctive brown scales on the vamp are evident of a premium, exotic leather.

Going Exotic

The interest for leather boots has never ceased since the time it was made popular centuries ago in the West.  Although wearing one is not that common nowadays, cowboy boots are here to stay.

Going exotic leather for cowboy boots is creating a stir in the world of fashion and even in social media. Anything exotic from food, animals, clothing and footwear is always interesting. Everybody wants to know the latest and popular trend and would want to have a slice on that popularity.

Taking for example the caiman leather which is the more affordable option for exotic leathers, especially in cowboy boots as compared to the crocodile and alligator skins. Aesthetic features are unmistakably exotic and the price is lovely, making it a tempting option for buying exotic boots.

If you are the man who knows that you only deserve the finest things in life then going exotic for a cowboy boots is a great idea. This particular boots is a great start or a good addition to the collection.