If you are wearing a Lucchese then you must have a good taste for classic handcrafted boots.  The company has been around since the early 1800’s and up to now, they have been making quality handcrafted leather boots that has stood the test of time. Some skillful workers and century old machines are still around and still making a legacy of fine, quality leather boots that will last a lifetime.

Classic and Exotic

Lucchese features another caiman tail boots that will surely be an instant classic addition to your collection of leather cowboy boots. This is the Men’s Landon Caiman Tail Boots with a narrow square toe. Below are the product details:

The boots comes in various sizes with the colors of tan, black and barrel brown. Considered to be a classic and exotic model, the Landon Men’s Caiman Tail boots features the actual striations of the caiman animal, located on the vamp of the boot. Those striations are actual proof that you are indeed wearing a caiman tail boots. It is actually pretty amazing to have a classic design cowboy boots but made of this recently popular caiman leather.

Not Just another Pair of Caiman Boots

The Lucchese Caiman Tail Boots featured here is not just another pair of exotic boots available in the market. Like a secret jungle, this one is a rare and valuable find. Sure there are other exotic caiman boots out there that looks equally appealing and have a lot of reviews on them but this Landon Caiman Tail Boots is definitely worth the try. It is visually appealing, very comfortable, durable and over all it is a total package of quality. Definitely worth a try especially for those who love the exotic western style look of the cowboys or simply those men who fancy the attention they get when they walk into a room wearing this pair of boots.