Cinch Company is probably the newest company in the industry of cowboy boots. Originally they manufacture quality western style clothing and it was only in the 1900’s that they have added the collection of their top quality cowboy boots.

At the Forefront of Modern Design

Cinch Boots is apparently at the forefront of modern design. Their EDGE Collection displays a wide variety of modern prints that is not usually found in most leather cowboy boots that most of us are used to.

Cinch Men's Caiman Boots
Cinch Men’s Caiman Boots

The Cinch Boots for Men for example was created to express individuality, passion and interests. The Cinch Edge Men Caiman Print is one of the models under the Edge collection which has the following specifications:

Dress Up and Enjoy the Prints

One look at this Cinch Edge Men Caiman Print and you would probably wonder who will wear it. For the man who knows himself and celebrates his individuality, that would not be a concern. The company believes that their product incites thought and cultivates experience. Wearing a cinch boots is already an experience that is ought to be enjoyed by everybody.

Going Exotic and Trendy

Cinch Company lives to its commitment of being at the forefront of modern design by offering unique prints and colors that can very well speak of the user’s individuality. But they have not sacrificed the quality of their products because premium quality leather that can stand the test of time was used in all of their boots. By going exotic, they introduced caiman print boots to add to their collection of beautifully handcrafted boots.

Caiman leather is the trend right now. It belongs to the exotic line of leathers from the crocodile and alligator family. It looks beautiful with the scales yet it is not as pricey as the crocodile and alligator hides. Truly, the cinch caiman boots  is up to par with the latest in exotic footwear fashion trend.


Traditional Manufacturing

Despite going trendy and modern, Cinch manufacturing still holds on to the traditional handcrafted boot making process which makes its boots durable and comfortable. The traditional hand lasting technique is being used instead of machine lasting process. Hand lasting technique assures maximum fit, comfort and durability. Chanel stitching is also being utilized wherein the vamp, lining and welt are stitched under the insole making the boots lightweight and with perfect fit.

Good Value for Money

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