“BEAUTIFUL BOOTS” – A Lucchese Caiman Boots

Lucchese Men's Handcrafted Boots
Lucchese Men’s Handcrafted Boots


Wearing a Lucchese footwear would bring you back to time as you make every step with it. The rich tradition and history of Lucchese makes it as one of the top quality leather boots in the world of cowboy boots industry. In fact. Legend would tell us that the most influential people in the history of America have worn a Lucchese. So if you fancy cowboy boots, would you pass on this opportunity to check out what a legendary boot making company has to offer?

While it is already a “given” that leather cowboy boots are statement pieces for fine men (and women!) who knows what they want regardless of the price. If you are one of these men who values individuality, passion, confidence and love for adventure, you probably need to own footwear made by a company who shares the same passion as yours.

Go for Exotic Boots

It would not hurt to go a little further on that love for cowboy boots right? Why not have a taste of something out of the ordinary and go for exotic western boots? It is a rising trend and the boots are quite “beautiful”. Check out what the customers say about these boots:

The featured boots here is the Lucchese Men’s Handcrafted 1883 Caiman Belly Cowboy Boots, one of the finest boots from the finest 1883 collection of this famous brand. They have other models from the same collection but this time it is a caiman belly boots, obviously using the belly part which is smoother with the caiman scales appearing to be more even. Most of the customers that have enjoyed this particular model said it is a beautiful boots and it fits great.

Check out the following specifications of this Lucchese 1883 Black Caiman Boots: