Truth is there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to men’s exotic cowboy boots. To narrow down would be on the preference when it comes to the type of leather used and probably on the style. The trend now is to go for the exotic ones with animal hides such as ostrich, crocodile, alligator and caiman. The latter is particularly gaining attention because it offers more or less the same level of aesthetics as with the crocodile and alligator leather although the caiman hide costs lesser. Caiman belly boots are more preferred as an alternative to the other exotic boots.

Check Out The Feature Of This Historical Boots

The men’s caiman boots by Nocona Boot Company along with the other western cowboy boots they make are products of experience and history by the founder, H.J Justin which was later continued by daughter Enid Justin. The name Nocona is a place in Texas where the railroad was built and the history of the company was carved. When Ms Enid took over the business, it was rather unusual that time for a woman to be making cowboy boots hence it was not good business at first. The business later flourished when the customers that discovered she was as good as her father. Her legacy endured and the company later merged with Justin Boot Company.

The featured exotic boots here is the Nocona Men’s Caiman B Toe Western Boots and it’s so worthwhile to check out what it has to offer:

Nocona caiman boots are known for their meticulous and expert hand crafted finish.  They have two available colors in this model which is black and chocolate with striking combination colors and sizes are available.