Circle G By Corral Men's Caiman Boots
Circle G By Corral Men’s Caiman Boots

What do you get when you have an inspiration and fascination for handcrafted premium quality of western cowboy boots? For sure there will be a new breed of trendy leather boots that will challenge the existing market of cowboy boots. The founder of Corral boots, Othell Welch, ventured in Mexico and had this inspiration to offer Western lifestyle more than his brand. With the support of family and friends, he became successful at first by tapping the market of western leather boots for women. Unlike other boot making company ahead of Corral wherein the focal point was for the cowboys, Corral had the best timing for making it possible for women to flaunt their fashionable sense in the Western lifestyle way.

What’s up with Exotic Shoes in Corral

Corral has only been around since year 2000 and yet the company has been considered as a premier authority in the world that produces quality handcrafted exotic leather boots. The company has joined the bandwagon of making exotic leather boots to fill the increasing market for it.

The Black Caiman Boots featured here used the caiman tail for the foot and some imported leather for the shaft. This is the Men’s Econo Line Caiman Belly Tail Cowboy Boots from Corral.  To get the full picture of this sleek looking boots, check out the features below:

The Men’s Caiman Boots in Corral is quite amazing in their designs. Celebrities have worn this brand and the market is getting interested. The   featured here is super sleek yet the details of the caiman skin are very distinct. The brown one is also very interesting.

Who can wear these boots?

It is probably safe to say that those who have an eye for fashionable western look (and lifestyle!) can very well wear these boots. Most of their boots are pretty fashionable and trendy. The two basic colors of black and brown featured above might as well be the first pair of boots for someone who is starting to discover his interest for exotic leather boots. Being plain in color, the boots can be worn anywhere and anytime with some cowboy ensemble of jeans, jacket and cowboy hat. Also, one cannot go wrong if the boots are also worn on special formal occasions. Quite a versatile piece of footwear that can be considered also as an investment.