Let’s face it; there is literally a LOT of exotic cowboy boots out there that could very well be part of anybody’s collection. Name a possible hide from ostrich, calf, goat, crocodile, and caiman leather and surely there is a bag, accessory and a cowboy boots that is made of these exotic premium hides. Given the rare and possibly extinct source of material for these boots, each creation is uniquely distinct for a particular type of personality. Although sometimes the distinction of these cowboy boots must be established and identified. Caiman boots for example can most of the time be associated with crocodile leather although they are of a lower grade. They can come from the horn back part or the belly of a caiman and they are now gaining popularity among exotic boots enthusiasts.

More about Caiman Boots

Talking more about caiman boot would lead us to one of the top quality cowboy boots maker in history. Dan Post boots have been introduced since the 1960’s and they are well known for their handcrafted cushion comfort apart from crafting handsome and rugged boots for the longest time now.

Dan post caiman boots in particular are strikingly gorgeous to look at that you would want to grab one for
yourself. Take for example this Dan Post Everglades  that you will instantly fall in love with the following attractive features: