The Company that guarantees comfort on each pair of boots that they make, Dan Post is staying true to its legacy. This company is well known for its handcrafted cushion comfort technology with the design aligned in the western flair. While most of the cowboy boots has the same look to it, there are surprisingly beautiful designs that they have come up with. Featuring the stylish Men’s Caboose Western Boots from Dan Post, an exotic skin boots specifically made from caiman tail skin. Here are the details of this handsome pair of Dan Post Caiman Boots:

Interesting Details

Notice the interesting elements of this particular boot specifically the leather overlay. It looks stunning and definitely a head turner. The attention to details on the embroidery stitches and the bold pointed snip toe that is particularly useful in the ease of putting the feet in the stirrup when riding a horse.

Dan Post Boots for men (and women too!) gives the wearer a handsome rugged look. Their boots look and fit great even when worn the first time, providing the ultimate comfort that only a Dan Post boots can give.


Perks Of Wearing Caiman Leather

There is probably no better advantage of wearing something exotic as caiman leather than the actual feel and look of being exotic. This looks and feel like the crocodile and alligator hides which are way too expensive. Although caiman leather is not as durable and pricey, the quality of craftsmanship applied to the caiman hides gives a lot of edge to its market value.