What could be more appealing to a cowboy boots aficionado than the touch, look and probably the smell of genuine  leather on his/her feet. The elements of comfort, durability and quality will complete the whole experience of a Western cowboy lifestyle.

Horse Power by Andersen Bean is a company that has responded and shared this passion for genuine cowboy leather boots. This boot making company only use genuine premium hides for all their boots. The hides are carefully cut and placed allowing room for the natural expansion of leather with heat and moisture.

The company’s principle to only use genuine leather in all their boots probably makes them one of the makers of fine quality leather boots in the world. Genuine leather can never be replaced by synthetic ones in terms of durability, quality, aesthetics and market value.  Exotic boots for that matter are made from real animal hides/skin making the boots pricier than others.

Features of the Horse Power Men’s Caiman Boots

Horse Power boots can very well be translated to Man Power! These tough boots are made only with premium genuine caiman leather with the following boot details:

It is also important to know that all sizes run ½ sizes smaller hence when you order adjust your size to ½ inch larger.

Caiman Western Boots from Horse Power looks equally interesting as they are tough. This exotic cowboy boots is truly worth the investment. Whether for work or play, a true cowboy boots can always pull this off for everyday use.

Exotic Skin cowboy boots are tough hides that do not require hard or heavy maintenance.  A quick wipe with a damp cloth will do to remove dust and dirt. Some conditioners specially made for reptiles may also be used to maintain the caiman boots.