A true cowboy will know a good pair of boots when he sees one. One look at this Dan Post Birmingham Caiman Boots will clearly stir ones’ interest to get to know this true western cowboy boots.

Why Caiman Leather?

Caiman is an aquatic reptile that comes from the family of alligators and crocodiles. While the latter two have very premium hides in terms of quality and of course pricing, caiman is 1/10th of the cost of the alligator skin. Somehow, the caiman skin is a convenient alternative for exotic cowboy boots as compared to its crocodile and alligator family. It can be regarded as an “entry level” croc skin. This might not be a positive thing because it is prone to spotting which is not good for tanning.

Main reason for opting Caiman? Well, it is undeniably exotic, durable and of course cheaper. Although designers are very careful in choosing what type of exotic skin to use, caiman skin can always be considered for boots because it’s much tougher and it is also pleasant to look at.

Sometimes people call it dan post caiman alligator boots, which can be quite tricky because people might consider it alligator and might be priced far more expensively.  Real dan post alligator boots are far more expensive, being considered like a “Rolls Royce” in the line of luxury items.

Defining A True Caiman Western Boots

Caiman cowboy boots can only come from the legend in western boots, Dan Post. With a combination of handcrafted cushion and traditional western boot style, the wearer can be assured of a handsome look and superior quality boots.  Check out what dan post caiman boots has in store for everyone:

One of the legendary makers of top quality cowboy boots, dan post can own the tradition and a good reputation of one of the worlds’ finest makers of quality boots. With emphasis on comfort, durability and style, one will definitely enjoy owning a pair or two.

Who will wear this?

For the real cowboys out there and for those who want to feel like one, the dan post Birmingham
Western Boot could be the one you are looking for. Those who desire to get the feel of the wild exotic side and still feel like a royalty, this might be the best footwear for you. To go riding the countryside or the city scape, for work or play, farm or party, this pair of boots will surely be a winner.